Leitrim County Council - Housing Rents

Rent Payments – alternative rent payment options during the COVID 19 Pandemic.                                

The Council has limited public access to the Council Offices as part of the current response to the COVID 19 situation. This has affected customers that generally paid their weekly rent at the Cash Desk.

There are a number of alternative payment options to pay your weekly rent that you may wish to avail of:

1.     Payment directly from your Bank Account by setting up a weekly Standing Order Payment.

2.     Payment via a Post Office Card in your local Post Office.

3.     Deduction at source under the Household Budget Scheme operated by An Post.

4.     Payments can be accepted over the phone at the Cash Desk of Leitrim County Council if you have a debit or credit card. Telephone: 071/9620005 ext 400.

If you need any additional information on an alternative payment option or if you want to be issued with a payment card from the Post Office please contact the Finance Department on 071/9620005 ext 356.

Change in your Weekly Income due to COVID

If you have experienced a change in circumstances and need to have your rent re-assessed, then you will need to contact the Housing Department and notify them of your change in circumstances in order that your weekly rent payment can be re-assessed based on your current income. To contact the Housing Department: Tel: 071 9650426  Email: housing@leitrimcoco.ie


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