Forest Policy in Ireland

The development of national forest policy in Ireland is the responsibility of the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). Until the 1990s official forest policy was not published and made available to the public but rather remained an internal matter for the Department. Forest policy was largely governed by the views and actions of the senior staff of the Department rather than through a process of informed discussion and consultation with stakeholders. Openness in government, however, encouraged greater dialogue with the public and in 1996 a strategic plan for forestry titled “Growing for the Future” was published. This plan, for the first time, comprehensively expressed official forest policy in a public document and was the principal statement of forestry policy in Ireland. It was  replaced by a revised policy document “Forests, Products and People – Ireland’s forest policy, a renewed vision”.   published in 2014.  For further information on forest policy click here

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