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Green Schools Programme

Green Schools

All Primary and Post Primary Schools in Leitrim are registered on the Green Schools Programme.  Green Schools is about whole-school action for the environment, with the main focus in the initial phase being on litter and waste. Research has shown that active green schools have reduced waste by over 50%.

Schools follow a seven step programme in order to receive  their Green Flag, which is in effect an environmental management system for their school. Leitrim County Council supports all participating Green Schools by providing them with clean up materials and information, where required. The Council's Environmental Awareness Section liaises with schools on an on-going basis, gives talks to students and assists them in getting the Green Schools programme started.

For further information, contact Sheila Guckian on 071 9620005 Ext. 802 or visit the Green schools website at

Green Schools Themes

The Green Flag is a progressive and continuous environmental programme designed for schools, at both primary and secondary level. The programme works on themes, each of which takes approx 2 years to adopt.

Examples of themes:

·         Litter & Waste Management

·         Energy Awareness

·         Water

·         Travel

·         Biodiversity

·         Global Citizenship (Litter & Waste)

·         Global Citizenship (Energy)

Getting Started

The Environment is a huge subject, so when taking on the Green Schools project for the first time be aware that help is available –

From Green schools at An Taisce and from the Leitrim County Council’s Environmental Awareness Section.

When you decide to become involved in Green Schools your first task is to register. You register online at Alternatively you can contact An Taisce at  Environmental Education Unit, An Taisce, Unit 5a, Swift's Alley, Francis Street, Dublin 8 Tel: 01 400 2222 Fax: 01 400 2285

Once you register your school you will automatically receive information on the programme along with a Green Schools handbook with details of 7 key steps to take in order to achieve Green Flag Status. The handbook is also available at


When the school has adopted the seven steps of the programme they can apply for the Green-Flag Award. The school's application is reviewed and if necessary recommendations for further action are made. When the recommendations have been implemented the school is given an assessment visit. Once a school has been awarded The Green Flag it can fly the Flag for two years and then it has to renew its application. There is a dedicated website for green schools and any information needed about the programme is easily accessible on this web site:

There is no specific time frame for the seven steps to be fully implemented - each school is different and the success of the programme may take some time. However once registered it is recommended that you should set the school a target of two years to apply for your first green flag. Secondary Schools can be more challenging and it is important to take it step by step. Generate small targets and be successful to keep students motivated.

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