Community Mental Health


Social Farming delivers individualised support to those disadvantaged in some way. Participants come with many different support needs, such as people with intellectual and physical disabilities and people experiencing mental health difficulties. Social Farming provides an opportunity to reduce health inequalities and to increase the proportion of people who are healthy at all stages of life. It gives opportunities for people to engage in ordinary farm activities in a local community setting of an ordinary farm. As well as addressing issues around social connection and building social networks it can also provide opportunities for people to build confidence self-esteem and perhaps provide a stepping stone towards further training or even work. There are both physical and mental health benefits to social farming which deliver on the health and wellbeing objectives of the Healthy Ireland programme while at the same time utilising existing assets of the farm and the farmer.


The aim of this project is to focus on the early intervention of mental health problems in young people.  The initiative will rely on linking with existing services in order to retrieve participants. The project lead will be the Family Resource Centres who will be collaborating with Sligo/Leitrim Foroige, Sligo Leitrim CYSPC, Leirim County Childcare and Leitrim Development Company to ensure the sufficient delivery of the project. This project refers to existing policies such as Connecting for Life and Mind Your Head. The outcome of the collaboration of all partners will provide a series of counselling sessions for 12-18 year olds to help improve their mental health.


The project is being run by Leitrim County Childcare Committee, with the purpose of providing play therapy sessions for young children aged between 4-12 years old. This project will improve various fundamentals in the participants such as communication facilitation, fostering emotional wellness, enhancing social relationships and increasing personal strengths.

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union