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The Creative Ireland Programme is a five year all-of-Government initiative to place creativity at the centre of public policy. It is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. Creative Ireland defines creativity as a set of innate abilities and learned skills: the capacity of individuals and organisations to transcend accepted ideas and norms and by drawing on imagination to create new ideas that bring additional value to human activity. Continuous engagement with the arts and culture is enormously beneficial for building creative capacities and enhancing wellbeing. Culture and creativity are essential features of an innovative society where the ability to conceptualise is more important than knowledge. An important aspect to the Creative Ireland programme is the collaborative nature of the programme between national and local government and as part of the programme each local authority has prepared a Culture and Creativity strategy to support this work.

In order to arrive at a Creative Ireland Vision for Leitrim, Leitrim County Council established a Culture Team that put in place a series of public consultation meetings which sought the opinion and vision of those involved in the culture and creativity sector, and from the general public. The team also drew from the outcomes of a previous similar process undertaken as part of the Upper Shannon Erne Future Economy Programme which as part of its research sought to explore opportunities for development and growth in the creative sector. The findings from those processes were distilled into a series of priorities and action areas as outlined in this document and the following vision statement created that encapsulated the ethos of that process.

The Creative Ireland Vision for Leitrimis to nurture and foster creative expression in all its diversity; embrace and welcome new ideas; and create the conditions to help turn those ideas into reality and embed creativity into all aspects of the social, economic and cultural life of Leitrim.

The Creative Ireland Culture Team is led by Mary Quinn, Director of Services, and consists of Pauline Brennan, County Librarian; Philip Delamere Arts Officer and Creative Ireland Coordinator; Suzanne Duffy, Head of Community Development; Sarah Malone, Heritage Officer; and Geraldine Reynolds, Senior Enterprise Development Officer, Local Enterprise Office.

The five strategic priorities of Leitrim’s Culture and Creativity strategy are –

Creative PotentialTo contribute to every child’s development by providing access to and engagement with creative activities and opportunities to explore different forms of creative expression.
Creative CommunityTo provide opportunities for communities throughout Leitrim to explore their own creativity through promoting greater access and inclusion to the wide range of creative activities and cultural infrastructure and resources across the county.
Creative PlaceTo recognise the value of our outstanding rich and diverse natural landscape, heritage, cultural infrastructure and the scale of our creative sector as vital resources and sources of inspiration for creative practitioners and the wider community.
Creative ConnectionsTo support the creative sector in growing its national and global footprint through national and international linkages enhancing Leitrim’s reputation as a centre of creativity.
Creative EnterpriseTo strengthen and develop Leitrim’s capacity as a creative hub and cultural cluster and enhance potential for economic development and sustainability in the Creative and Culture Sector


Download Leitrim County Council Culture & Creativity Strategy 2018 - 2022 (English)

Download Leitrim County Council Culture & Creativity Strategy 2018 - 2022 (Irish)



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