Murals Commission - Carrick on Shannon

Leitrim County Council, as commissioning agent, in partnership with Carrick on Shannon Heritage Group, Carrick on Shannon Tidy Towns and Leitrim GAA invites submissions from artists to undertake two murals at separate locations in Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim that celebrate the heritage, purpose, commitment and missions of both Leitrim GAA and Carrick on Shannon Tidy Towns.

The maximum budget for the completion of both murals will be €23,000.00 inclusive of all fees, costs, expenses, VAT, insurance and any other charges associated with the execution of the new work including site preparation, scaffolding, and health and safety.


Leitrim GAA
The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is Ireland’s largest sporting organisation. It is celebrated as one of the great amateur sporting associations in the world and plays an influential role in Irish society that extends far beyond the basic aim of promoting Gaelic games. It was founded in 1884 to revive and nurture traditional, indigenous sports and pastimes and to make athletics more accessible to the masses, which at that time were largely the preserve of the gentry and aristocracy. The Association today promotes Gaelic games such as Hurling, Football, Handball and Rounders and works with sister organisations to promote Ladies Football and Camogie. The Association also promotes Irish music, song and dance and the Irish language as an integral part of its objectives. The GAA has remained an amateur Association since its founding. Players, even at the highest level, do not receive payment for playing and the volunteer ethos remains one of the most important aspects of the GAA. The first GAA clubs in Leitrim were founded in Dromahair and Killanumery in 1886. The first championship was run in 1890 with Mohill beating Ballinamore in the final. What makes Leitrim unique in Gaelic Football circles is not the county’s achievements on the field but the high level of participation in the sport. Leitrim, the county with the smallest population in Ireland, has the highest number of GAA clubs and players per capita of any county in Ireland. If you consider the number of males aged 18 – 32 in the whole Leitrim, there is a team produced for every 50 males of usual football playing age. In planning for this commission Leitrim GAA identified key players that made a significant contribution to Leitrim GAA over the years both on and off the field and sought permission to use their likenesses if necessary. However, the only requirement of Leitrim GAA is that the commission be a positive celebration of the long history and heritage of Leitrim GAA and they remain open to all approaches an artist might take.

Carrick on Shannon Tidy Towns
The national TidyTowns initiative was launched in 1958 by Bord Fáilte (now Fáilte Ireland). A step-up from the National Spring Clean Campaign, which ran between 1953 and 1957, TidyTowns rapidly developed its own identity and has gone on to become Ireland’s most well-known and popular local environmental initiative. Right from the start, the primary focus of TidyTowns was to encourage communities to improve their local environment and make their area a better place to live, work and visit. While the competition aspect was an important element in developing friendly rivalry that would help boost standards, the emphasis was always on participating rather than winning with the very act of taking part bringing benefits to the community. Carrick on Shannon TidyTowns has a great group of volunteers off all ages from diverse backgrounds and with many talents. As well as tidiness of our streetscapes and public places, the eight categories of the competition that guide our activities includes how we interact with the wider community and how our community helps us to achieve all that we do, our regard for nature and biodiversity, and sustainability - doing more with less. The competition also considers where and how we can align with the UN Sustainability goals. As well as litter-picks and maintenance and improvement of our public spaces, we are always on the lookout for new projects that help achieve our aims such as a Coffee Cup Campaign in 2021 highlighting the amount of single use cups we use and encouraging cafes to sign up to the conscious cup website. Through this commission we want to celebrate our community and our ethos, to draw attention to our environment and our town and engender a greater appreciation of it.


Two murals at separate locations in Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim celebrating the history, commitment and missions of both Leitrim GAA and Carrick on Shannon Tidy Towns.
-GAA Mural - Gable wall of Paddy’s Bar in the centre of the town. Google Maps Link. Dimensions: 7.25m x 7m (L x H) not including apex. See Appendices 1 in the downloadable brief for images.
-Tidy Towns Mural - Gable wall of Pete’s Sandwich Bar at Park Lane. Google Maps Link. Dimensions: 9.1m x 8.4m (L x H) not including apex. See Appendix 2 in the downloadable brief for images.

The Artist(s)
This commission is open to all professional artists with proven experience of executing high quality murals in public spaces.

Application Process
This commission is a two-stage open competition.

Stage 1 Application
For Stage 1, artists are invited to submit the following:

-Cover letter outlining their interest in and understanding of the competition brief.
-Maximum of six examples of relevant previous work.
-All applicants, but particularly emerging artists or artists whose previous work would be less relevant to the current competition, may submit preliminary designs for these murals along with a brief description of the thought process behind the designs.

Stage 1 Selection
From applications received, a panel consisting of one representative of the commissioning agent (Leitrim County Council), three representatives of the community, and two external specialists will shortlist a maximum of three applicants to proceed to stage II. Selection will be made using the following criteria –

Criteria Marks
1)Quality of previous work and track record of the applicant and where relevant, the quality, innovation, and artistic merit of provisional designs. 50
2)Understanding of the physical, social and cultural context of the work. 25
3)Anticipated impact and benefit for the community. 25

Stage 2 Application
Each of the three shortlisted artists will be paid €1,000.00 to develop detailed design proposals for both murals. Artists may present up to three proposed designs for each of the two murals i.e., minimum two and maximum six designs overall. Stage 2 proposals must contain the following –

1)Proposed designs for both murals with a brief written description for each design.
2) Comprehensive budget inclusive of all requirements including artists fee, site preparation, paint and painting materials, scaffolding, insurance etc.
3)Schedule for works and completion date.
4) Where an artist intends to work with another artist or assistant etc., details of their role(s), along with CV(s) and examples of previous work.
5)Evidence of insurance of €6.5 million in respect of public liability and €13 million in respect of employer’s liability or a quote for insurance as confirmation that should the contract be awarded that insurance can be obtained to these levels for the duration of the contract.
6) A valid Tax Clearance Certificate or a signed statement that a valid Tax Clearance Certificate can be produced before the contract commences.
7)Signed statement confirming that the applicant has the time and resources to carry out the contract and has no other commitments that prevent the contact from being carried out effectively.

Stage 2 Selection
The assessment criteria for Stage 2 are as follows

Criteria Marks
1)Quality of previous work and track record of the applicant and where relevant, the quality, innovation, and artistic merit of provisional designs. 25
2)Understanding of the physical, social and cultural context of this work. 25
3)Anticipated impact and benefit for the community. 25
4)Feasibility, budget, schedule. 25


-Stage 1 proposals submitted online hereSun 10th July 2022
-Selection panel recommendations on received proposals.Fri 15th July 2022
-Site visit for shortlisted artistsMon 25th July 2022
-Stage 2 proposals submitted by email to arts@leitrimcoco.ieSun 21st Aug 2022
-Selection panel recommendations on received proposals.Fri 26th Aug 2022
-Project commencement subject to planning approvalMon 12th Sep 2022
-Project completionBefore 31st Dec 2022


-The successful applicant shall agree a payment schedule as part of the contract. Payments shall be made in accordance with the schedule outlined in the contract upon receipt of invoices and successful achievement of each work stage.
-Unsuccessful Stage 2 applicants shall receive a payment of €1,000.00 for a complete proposal.
-Leitrim County Council reserves the right not to proceed with any of the submissions received.


The closing date for Stage 1 submissions is Sun 10th July 2022.

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