31th July 2020 - Guidance and FAQs for Public Service Employers during Covid-19 in relation to working arrangements

Hi all,

Attached for info is link to the DPER Guidance & FAQ’s which were further updated as of 30th July 2020https://www.gov.ie/en/news/092fff-update-on-working-arrangements-and-leave-associated-with-covid-19-fo/ . This document supercedes previous guidance and FAQ’s issued and it is important that everyone takes the time to read it.

The focus of the document relates to reopening Ireland and being in the ‘recovery’ phase but with the proviso that we may revert to previous guidelines at any time depending on how things may change/progress etc.  The focus is very much on the principles of Public Health, Business Need and One Public Service.


The document sets out how public service employees will be required to return to the employer’s work premises when and as necessary and deemed appropriate by their employer, and the associated provisions and requirements.

In terms of working arrangements, while the normal operation of flexi time remains temporarily suspended, there is provision for the re-introduction of flexi-time arrangements by 24th August next in circumstances only where employees are attending their employer’s work premises and are working their normal, pre-Covid work attendance patterns. We will be reviewing the provisions in this regard with a view to identifying the relevant staff, and hopefully reactivating flexi time for those staff as and from the next ‘flexi period’ which would be due to commence on Monday 17th August next.

The Guidance also includes the overseas travel advice and associated leave arrangements as previously circulated.

The Temporary Assignment Scheme is being deactivated with facility to reactivate it quickly should the need arise.   

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