30th September - Updated Guidance and FAQs on Working Arrangements During COVID-19

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Attached for info is link to the DPER Guidance & FAQ’s which were further updated as of 28th September 2020https://www.gov.ie/en/news/092fff-update-on-working-arrangements-and-leave-associated-with-covid-19-fo/ . This document supercedes previous guidance and FAQ’s issued and it is important that everyone takes the time to read it.

The new and updated FAQ’s are:

  • Updated 1.1 – Who should attend the employer’s work premises?

Incorporates the Resilience & Recovery 2020-2021 doc and provisions re five levels and sets out the work-related information for each level – employer determines the essential roles which need to attend the workplace throughout the levels taking into account the differing requirements at each level – provision of services continues to be a priority for the public service – R&R Plan also identifies many public services as being essential at this time. Framework provides for home working to continue where possible – as and when deemed appropriate by the employer – must be balanced with requirement to continue to provide most effective and efficient services to public

  • Updated 1.6 – What happens if a colleague is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Contact Tracers will directly contact all relevant persons who have been in contact with a confirmed case, or person will be notified through COVID Tracker App – instructions of HSE should be followed and employee confidentiality essential at all times. Employees encouraged to download app – info included as part of contact tracing assessment

  • Updated 2.2 – What to do if any employee is identified as being at very high risk?

Employees should declare to employer if believe at very high risk – OH service should be consulted – should be facilitated to work from home to max extent possible – where not feasible may be assigned work outside usual core duties / given new role – employees in very high risk category who wish to return to work premises should contact HR for further info (will be dealt with in line with HR Advisory note)

  • Updated 3.6 – What is the process for return to the work premises after a positive case of COVID-19?

Relates to return to work premises … may return to working from home at earlier stage if feasible

  • Where individual has had positive test – employee needs to be 10 days post onset of symptoms and also 5 days fever free (which may run concurrently) before returning to workplace
  • Close contacts of confirmed case need to continue to restrict movements for 14 days (can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear)
  • New 3.7 – What happens if an employee has had a negative rest for COVID-19?

Tested becausehad symptoms but negative test – continue to self isolate until have not had symptoms for 48hrs – can return to normal activities once 48 hrs without symptoms (does not apply to individuals who are close contacts of confirmed case – must restrict movements for 14 days even after negative test results)

  • New and updated – Section 6 and Appendix 3 re Temporary Assignments

Temporary Assignment Scheme (TAS) reactivated on 17th Sept following increase in cases – PAS continue to administer and may periodically issue detailed requests to orgs seeking employees who are deemed to be releasable in context bus continuity plan – range of provisions of scheme set out

HR Advisory Note also attached - content not included in the FAQs document but intended to assist HR with individual queries, should they arise. Relates to:

  1. Requests from employees to work abroad (other than where this a requirement of their role or otherwise in place and agreed by the employer)
  2. Requests from very high risk individuals to return to the workplace

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