Special Voters List

Postal & Special Voting is available in certain circumstances and all forms must be with your local authority, no later than close of business on Saturday, 28th April 2018

All forms are available on the APPLICATION FORMS page

Document                                                             Form Name
Postal due to Sickness                                              PVS 1         
Postal due to Occupation/Student                            PVS 2 
Special Voter                                                       SVS 1          
Inclusion to Supplement - Prisoner                 RFA 4
Postal due to Prisoner                                              RFG 1     
Garda - Postal Vote                                                 RFB 1           
Defence Forces - Postal Vote                            RFC 1      
Civil Servant - Outside the State                   SVS 5                 
Postal due to Returning Officer                               PV4
(person working in polling station on the day of polling) 



If you have a physical illness or physical disability that is likely to continue for the duration (12 months from 15th February) of the Register and you are ordinarily resident in a hospital, in a home or similar institution, you may apply for inclusion in the Special Voters List.

SVS1 form must be completed and returned to Leitrim County Council in order to be included in the Special Voters List.

All persons in receipt of a Special Vote are denoted on the Register of Electors with an “S” beside their name. Such Voters may not vote in Person at a Polling Station.

Further information and application forms are available from Customer Services at the below contact information

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union
  • Leitrim Sports