Representational Role

Representational Role

The representational role of Leitrim County Council is performed directly by eighteen (18) elected members of the Council, who are elected from the three local electoral areas: Ballinamore, Carrick-on-Shannon and Manorhamilton. Under the Local Government Reform Act (2014), the Municipal District Structure was established to align with the electoral areas. These three Municipal Districts have 6 County Councillors representing each Municipal District. Meetings of the Municipal Districts are held on a monthly basis and meetings of the full Council are held on a bi-monthly basis.

Election to the Council is by way of proportional representation and casual vacancies in membership caused by death, resignation or disqualification of elected members are filled by co-option of a new member by the remaining members. The co-opted member has the same tenure as the member whose place he takes and retires with the general body of Councillors. Members are elected for a period of five years and a Chairperson is elected at each annual general meeting, which is held in June of each year. Each Municipal District also appoints a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson on an annual basis.

The wide range of functions performed by the Elected Members are called "Reserved Functions" and these lay down the framework of policies under which the Chief Executive operates. Reserved Functions cover matters of policy and include:

  • Adoption of the Annual Revenue Budget
  • Approval of Local Authority Over-Draft to fund expenditure
  • Making and Varying of Development Plans
  • Making, Amending or Revoking of Bye-Laws
  • Bringing Enactments into Force

The Code of Conduct for County Councillors sets out the principles and standards of conduct and integrity for Councillors to inform the public of the conduct it is entitled to expect and to uphold confidence in Local Government.

Code of Conduct for Councillors .pdf (size 354.6 KB)







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