Senior Management Team of Leitrim County Council

The Senior Managment Team of Leitrim County Council is led by Mr. Lar Power, Chief Executive of Leitrim County Council, three Directors of Service: Mr. Joseph Gilhooly and Ms. Mary Quinn and Mr. Vincent Dwyer. Each Director of Service/Head of Finance has responsibility for one of the 3 Directorates within the local authority and they report directly to the Chief Executive. Ms. Samantha Healy, Senior Executive Officer, Housing & Corporate Services provides secretariat service to the Managment Team.


Mr. Lar Power
Chief Executive, Leitrim County Council.

Mr. Joseph Gilhooly
Economic Development, Planning and Infrastructural Services

Ms. Mary Quinn
Director of Services - Housing, Corporate Services, Community and Cultural Services

Mr. Vincent Dwyer
Head of Finance - Water, Environment, Climate Action and Emergency Services


  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union
  • Leitrim Sports