Local Community Development Committee

Section 36 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 provides for the establishment of a Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) in each Local Authority Area. Leitrim LCDC was one of ten pilot sites established in June 2014. The LCDC has 17 Members in total, 8 of whom represent the Statutory Interests - Elected Members (3), Local Authority Officials (2) and State Agencies (3) - with the remaining 9 Members representing Non-Statutory interests – Community & Voluntary Interests (2), Environmental & Sustainable Development (1), Social Inclusion Interests (2). The make-up of the remaining three member positions was determined by the Chief Officer of the Committee in consultation with the Corporate Policy Group according to Departmental Guidelines. In broad terms representation was required that would provide appropriate balance across a range of interests with a focus on sustainable social and economic development along with socially excluded or marginalised communities. Based on experience of the front runner Committee and the role and functions of the Committee the remaining places were assigned to:

· One representative of the other local or community development bodies operating in the county i.e. 2 Family Resources Centres and one Community Development Project

· One representative of the Business Community

· One representative of the Farming Community

The above representation also reflected the requirement that neither public authorities nor any single interest group represent more than 49% of the voting rights of the Committee. The membership was agreed both by the CPG and Leitrim County Council in June 2014.

The functions of the LCDC are to:

·       Prepare the community elements of a six year local economic and community plan and to implement or arrange the implementation of the community elements

·         Review the community elements of the plan at least once during the term of the plan and to monitor on an ongoing basis the implementation of the community elements and revise or amend as necessary

·        Co-ordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local and community development programmes that have been approved by the local authority or in agreement with another relevant public authority

·        Seek to ensure effectiveness, consistency, co-ordination etc between public funded and community development programmes and co-ordination of all local and community development programmes

·       Report annually on the performance of its functions.


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