Group Water Schemes

Group Water Schemes provide a water supply to two or more householders where no such supply, or a seriously deficient supply, already exists.  

A grant of 85% of the total scheme cost is available subject to a maximum grant per house of €6,475.66.   The grant is based on the cost per domestic connection, this is generally obtained by dividing the all-in cost by the number of domestic connections.  

A grant of up to 100% is available of the approved cost of essential water filtration and disinfection equipment for schemes dependent on a quality deficient private source.  

In order to qualify for a domestic grant, the applicant must, on completion of the scheme, have a sink and tap installed inside his/her house and it must be connected to the group water supply.  

Tests are required to be carried out, before work goes ahead, to establish the reliability of the source from a health and yield viewpoint. The Council’s technical staff ensures the highest standard of construction and performance by examining the plans and design of each scheme.  

The necessary 15% cash contributions by the participants must be collected and lodged in a bank account, opened by the Trustees, before the appropriate grants may be allocated. All grants are paid directly into this account.  

The maintenance of completed schemes is the responsibility of the Group.

Further information is available from the Rural Water Section of Leitrim County Council located at Park Lane, Carrick-on-Shannon, Phone 071 9620005 Ext 611.













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