Abnormal Load Permit

Any operator who wants to transport a vehicle or load that falls outside of the limits allowed by the Road Traffic (Construction Equipment & Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003, S.I. 5 of 2003 must obtain a permit for its movement. 

The Guidelines on Maximum Weight and Dimensions of Mechanically Propelled Vehicles (PDF) outline all the weight and dimension limits.

If your load is outside the limits, there are two permit schemes for which you can apply.

1. Permit Scheme administered by An Garda Síochána

An Garda Síochána run a scheme for the movement of vehicles and loads that do not exceed 27.4 metres in length and 4.3 metres in width on designated roads
Note that vehicles and loads exceeding our 4.65 metre national height limit are not covered under this scheme and require a Local Authority Permit instead
The designated road list is often updated with additional routes.  An up to date list will always be available on RSA.ie and the Garda website.
There is no charge for this permit
To apply for this scheme, fill out the application form
This scheme is outlined under the

Road Traffic (Specialised Vehicle Permits) Regulations, 2009, S.I. No. 147 of 2009 and
Road Traffic (Specialised Vehicle Permits)(Amendment)Regulations,2010

2. Permit Scheme administered by Local Authorities

Local Authorities operate a permit system for all roads, vehicles and loads not covered under the Garda permit scheme
If any of the following are true, you must apply for a permit through the relevant local authorities:

All or part of your journey is not on the routes the Garda scheme covers.  For example, if you are transporting a load from Longford to Westport, you must apply for 2 separate permits:
1. to An Garda Síochána for the part of the journey on the N5 between Longford and Castlebar (a designated road) and 
2. to the Local Authorities for the part of the journey from Castlebar to Westport (not a designated road)

  • The weight of the vehicle or load exceeds the limits outlined in SI 5 of 2003
  • The height of the vehicle or load exceeds the limits outlined in the Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations, SI 366 of 2008
  • The dimensions of the vehicle or load exceed those allowed under the Garda scheme: 27.4 metres in length or 4.3 metres in width

To apply for this scheme, you must send an application to the local authority through whose jurisdiction your vehicle/load will travel
Keep in mind that requirements and charges for this scheme may vary from one local authority to another, so you should contact the relevant local authority before you apply
This scheme is outlined under the Road Traffic Specialised Permits for Particular Vehicles) Regulations 2007, SI 283 of 2007

Abnormal Load Permit Application Form.docx (size 38.5 KB)

Completed Application Forms or Queries:

Postal Address: Roads Admin Department, Leitrim County Council, Park Lane House, Carrick on Shannon Co. Leitrim
Email Address: roads@leitrimcoco.ie
Telephone: 071 9620005 Ext. 606 / 604

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