Application Forms

  • LIS - LGMA

    Local Improvement Schemes

    Leitrim County Council have a long list of Applicants for the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS), with currently 110 applicants on the waiting list (as of 01.01.2021).  Leitrim County Council is working through applications against the grant allocation to reduce the volume on the waiting list.

  • Road and Sky

    Services in Charge

    If you are buying or selling a property it is important to clarify if roadways (including footpaths, laneways, and public lighting and surface water drainage) are under the remit of Leitrim County Council (LCC), you can apply for a “Services in Charge” (SIC) certificate.

  • Salt Bin

    Request for Salt Bins

    Leitrim County Council operates a “Purchase a Salt Bin Scheme” in order to assist operate normal traffic conditions in periods of severe weather. 

  • Hedge Cutting

    Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme

    This scheme is now open for 2021/22 and aims to encourage the cutting of roadside hedges/trees along the Public Road Network which need attention.

  • Abnormal Load Escort

    Abnormal Load Permit

    Any operator who wants to transport a vehicle or load that falls outside of the limits allowed by the Road Traffic (Construction Equipment & Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003, S.I. 5 of 2003 must obtain a permit for its movement

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union