Public participation period in the planning system extended


Covid 19 - Following the signing of Ministerial Order under Section 251A of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, on 9th May 2020 which results in an extension of time for a range of specified/appropriate periods and timelines it should be noted that these timelines are not reflected in the records accessible under the Planning Enquiry System. While every care has been taken to display accurate information, the local authority will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error within. All information on the site including the planning enquiries system is updated on a regular basis. While every effort is made to ensure all information is accurate on the site, the Planning Authority cannot guarantee this at any particular point in time.

Resumption of Planning Services effective 23rd May 2020

Effective from 23rd May 2020 normal planning services and statutory planning timelines have resumed in line with current health advice. All planning applications received after 23rd May 2020 will be decided on within the normal statutory prescribed timelines.

Public participation period in the planning system -  March 29th to 23rd May 2020

The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government commenced Section 9 of the recently enacted Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Covid 19) Act 2020 on March 29th 2020. The Minister has since extended the duration of these provisions twice by Ministerial Order. The overall effect of the emergency provisions introduced by the Minister  to last until May 23rd is not to freeze the planning system but rather to extend all timelines within which planning decisions can be made. In effect, the period from 29th March 2020 to the 23rd May 2020, inclusive, may be disregarded when calculating any appropriate period, specified period, or other timelines in the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended)  Acts, or provisions, or in any Planning and Development Regulations 2000-2020.

Arising from the Government decision to further to extend the Covid-19 related restrictive measures until 18th May 2020, the Government has made a further Ministerial Order on May 9th under section 251A(4) of the Planning Act extending the duration of all relevant periods and timelines specified in planning legislation by the additional period, up to and including 23rd May 2020. The three Ministerial Orders thereby have the combined effect of extending the relevant planning periods and timelines by an aggregate of 56 days/ 8 weeks.

The latest details of these provisions along with the Department’s most recent Frequently Asked Questions are outlined in the documents below along with Section 28 Guidelines on certain Enforcement matters arising during the Covid 19 Emergency.

If you have any further queries in this matter please contact the Planning Department directly on 071- 9650450 or by email to

FAQs Final 23rd May 2020.pdf (size 626.6 KB)

Circular PL 05-2020 Third Order extending the planning time periods during the Covid-19 emergency.pdf (size 170.5 KB)

Section 28 Guidelines - Enforcement during Covid 19 Emergency.pdf (size 769.6 KB)

Live Planning Applications

A list of Planning Applications affected with revised decision dates due to the Emergency period may be viewed on the following link;

Planning Applications extended decision dates Covid-19.pdf (size 292.1 KB)


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