Extension of Duration

  • An application form for extension of duration of permission is available below.
  • A statutory fee of €62 is payable (Standard fee for all applications).
  • Applications should be made, not earlier than the last year of the life of the permission (but before it expires).
  • You may apply on (1) substantially complete or (2) commercial, economic or technical grounds, where little or no works have been carried out.
  • Applicants should note that the planning authority will make a decision as expeditiously as possible and will give notice of its decision within 8 weeks. However, should further information or clarification of further information be first required, it is most important that your response must be received within 4 weeks of such requirement. The planning authority shall not extend the application if this requirement is not adhered.


Extension of Duration of Planning Permission .doc (size 76.3 KB)

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  • European Union