County Development Plan Description as per Plan

Enterprise and Employment

One of the most common conflicts between neighburing land uses is traffic generation. In general, the strategy has been designed to cluster the heavier traffic generating activities, associated with enterprise, towards the edge of the centre, with good access where possible onto the Regional/National road network and ensuring minimal impact on residential areas.  Other common conflicts between land uses that may arise; include visual, noise, odour and light pollution.  Employment generating development likely to lead to such nuisances will be directed to the area zoned ‘Enterprise and Employment’. Developments including; retail warehouses, be-spoke office development, to which the public will not normally have access will be open for consideration within these areas. Other employment generating development that is not likely to create a significant nuisance may be acceptable in the areas zoned ‘Mixed Use’ and ‘Primarily Residential’.

Primarily Residential

Residential development will be encouraged in the town centre and lands zoned ‘Primarily Residential’. The Council seeks to encourage high quality residential schemes, with convenient and safe access to local services and a safe and pleasant local environment. The Council will strive towards the ideal of mixed residential neighbourhoods, where people of different social and economic backgrounds and of different ages live in proximity and harmony.

It is envisaged that the bulk of residential development will take place on lands zoned ‘Primarily Residential’. Other development, that does not negatively impact on the residential use of neighbouring lands, will also be open for consideration in this zone.

Certain institutional and community uses, small-scale enterprises and shops can enliven residential areas and ensure local services are easily available. The key to their acceptability will be their impact on neighbouring residential amenity. 


Residential Reserve/Support

These lands are identified primarily to serve the long term housing requirements of the Centre in which they are located. These lands will also be considered as suitable for the accommodation of development that would be compatible with residential use. Whereas residential development (other than that set out below) will not be permitted on these lands during the lifetime of the Plan they may be considered for residential development in future Plans.

The following residential type development may be considered acceptable on lands zoned Residential Reserve/Support;

1)       Where there is a live permission for residential development that has not been activated.  The life of these permissions may be extended in accordance with the Provisions of Section 42A of the Planning & Development Act 2010, as amended.  New permission will not be considered.

2)       A proposal for a dwelling house where;

a)     the unit to be provided will serve as the permanent place of residence of the landowner or a member of his/her immediate family

b)     and where it can be clearly demonstrated that the provision of such a unit would not compromise the development of the adjoining lands (lands from which the site is being annexed),

c)     and the unit to be provided would easily integrate with the future development of the lands and those in the vicinity.

3)       3   In exceptional circumstances where it can be clearly demonstrated by the developer that there is a significant difficulty in the release or identification of lands for a specific residential type development, consideration will be given to the release of lands zoned Residential Reserve/Support, subject to established planning criteria and including in particular;

a)       The requirement to remain within the overall residential land use targets as set out in the ‘Core Strategy’.

b)       Compliance with the ‘Justification Test’ (refer to details below)

c)       Compliance with the ‘Sequential Approach’ (refer to Section 2.01.03e of CDP)

Mixed Use

Zones designated as ‘Mixed Use’ have been identified in the core of the Centre within which a mix of residential and commercial activity takes place. More generally, buildings designed and located so as to be capable of adaptation to a range of other uses will be encouraged. In determining the suitability of development within this zone regard shall be given to the environmental impact of the proposed development on neighburing uses.

General Development

This designation relates primarily to Tier 4 Centres and includes residential, commercial activity and enterprise and employment. In determining the suitability of development within this zone regard shall be given to the environmental impact of the proposed development on neighboring uses.

Social and Community

This zone includes; community buildings, schools, hospitals and health centres, football pitches and the like.

Open Space and Amenity

This zone includes; open space, public walkways, public recreational areas and the like.

Tourism Related Development

This zone relates includes developments which are linked to tourism and includes; guest houses, hotels, hostels, holiday homes, restaurants, pubs and the like.

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