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Making and Review of County Development Plan

Leitrim County Council like all planning authorities is obliged under the Local Government (Planning and Development) Acts, 2000 to 2006, to undertake a review of its existing Development Plan every five years.  The current Development Plan is for the period 2015 - 2021. The Plan covers County Leitrim and is a blueprint for Council policies in relation to the use and development of land, and for development within the County.

The Plan is formulated with the following broad aims:

- To facilitate orderly and economic development in the light of future development demands 

- To help secure the optimum utilisation of State and Local Authority resources. 

- To protect, conserve and enhance the environmental quality of the County. 

- To provide for the safe and convenient movement of vehicles and people. 

- To provide infrastructural improvement to meet the future development requirements of both private and public developers. 

- To inform the public of the likely event of the pattern and form of future development. 

- To provide specific guidance for control of development. 

- To encouraged balanced growth within the county by avoiding over-dependence on any one sector. 

- To encourage developments within the county which are guided by the principles of sustainability.

The review/preparation of the plan is undertaken in accordance with prescribed procedures. The procedure involves the preparation of a draft plan, which is published to allow a period of public consultation. Any observations/objections are then considered by the Council before the formal adoption of the new Development Plan.

In addition to the statutory Development Plan the Council prepares local plans for the development of other areas of the County. While not being statutory plans, they outline the objectives of the Council for such areas and are invaluable in the control of the area’s overall development.

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