NCT Test

Testing of private cars (including second hand imports) is required under EU Directive 96/96/EC and began in Ireland on 4th January, 2000.

What cars must be tested:
In the relevant year, the NCT will be due on the anniversary of the first registration and subsequent tests will be due every 2 years.

Are any cars exempt exempted from the NCT ?

Yes - cars which are classified as vintage cars for motor tax purposes and cars permanently based on islands not connected to the mainland by road or roll on - roll off ferry.

Are any other types of vehicle included in the scheme ?
Yes - testing of taxis and hackneys will be carried out under the NCT scheme.

Who will carry out the NCT ?
National Car Testing Service (NCTS) has been awarded a 10-year contract by the Government to operate the testing system. NCTS will be responsible for operating a national network of dedicated NCT Centres which will not carry out any other business.

Where is the Leitrim NCT Centre Located ?
Leitrim NCT
Dublin Rd., Leitrim

How much will the NCT cost ?
The NCT will cost EUR49 and a re-test (if booked within three weeks of the initial test) will cost EUR27.50 (both inclusive of V.A.T.). Re-tests, which do not not require the use of a test lane, will be free of charge. Free re-tests will cover minor visual items such as replacement of a brake light bulb or windscreen wiper

What happens if your car is not tested ?
It is an offence to use a car liable for testing in a public place, without an NCT certificate.  Offences will attract a penalty of up to a maximum of €1,500. Owners of liable cars which have passed the NCT will also be required to display an NCT disc on car windscreens.Enforcement will be the responsibility of the Garda Síochána.

Where to get further information on the NCT ?
Queries in relation to any aspect of the NCT should be directed to :
Customer Services
National Car Testing Services (NCTS)
Lakedrive 3026,
Citywest Business Campus,
Naas Road, Dublin 24.
LoCall : 1890 200 670
Fax : 01 4135996 or 01 4135982
Email :
Website : For Booking Confirmation or Rearrangement, phone LoCall :
1890 412 413
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