Driving Licences

The National Driver Licence Services (NDLS) now processes and issues Driving Licences and Permits. Applicants must attend in person at their local NDLS office when applying for a licence or permit,

If your query relates to Driving Licence please note that these issues are dealt with by NDLS(National Drivers Licence Service) since 29th October 2013 www.ndls.ie

The Leitirm is at unit 7, Bridge Lane, Carrick-on-Shannon. You can make an appointment and get forms and information on line at www.ndls.ie email info@ndls.ie or Phone: 0761087780


Driving Test

Enquiries, booking etc are made directly to the Road Safety Authoirty www.rsa.ie or phone 1890406040, 090678289 or 016375040.


Theory Test

Enquiries, booking etc, are made directly to the Driver Theory Test Service at www.theorytest.ie or phone 1890606106



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