Mortgage Allowance Scheme

Mortgage Allowance Scheme Local Authority tenants who surrender the house they occupy to buy or build a private house can avail of an allowance of €11,428 from the Department of the Environment and Local Government. The allowance is paid directly to the lending agency over a period of 5 years as follows. 

Year                    Amount
1                        3,555
2                        2,793
3                        2,032
4                        1,778
5                        1,270

The property purchased or built must meet the housing needs of the family concerned and any mortgage entered into must be for €38,092 or more to qualify for inclusion in the scheme.

The Mortgage Allowance Application Form and Mortgage Allowance Explanatory Notes are available to download from the links below.

Mortgage Allowance Scheme - Application Form

Mortgage Allowance Scheme Explanatory Notes

Mortgage Allowance Scheme Leaflet

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