Hazardous Waste

Details of the next Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day will be posted here.


Pesticide Product Containers

This Good Practice Guide provides straight forward guidance for the safe and environmentally friendly recovery of empty plant protection product containers which are sometimes referred to as pesticide product containers or PPP containers. Only triple rinsed empty pesticide containers, managed in accordance with the 7 STEPS: Good Practice Guide can be classified as non-hazardous waste. Good Practice Guide for Empty Pesticide Containers


Movement of Waste in Ireland

The Waste Management (Movement of Hazardous Waste) Regulations, 1998, control the movement of hazardous waste within Ireland.  All hazardous wastes moving from and into Local Authority areas in Ireland must be notified to the relevant Councils using the C1 Consignment Note process.

A C1 form is a consignment note for the movement of hazardous waste within the State.

The C1 form tracks the movement of hazardous waste –

  • from the origin of the waste,
  • to the carrier transporting the waste,
  • through to the facility receiving the waste. 

Some examples of hazardous waste are – clinical waste, inks, batteries, asbestos,
IT equipment etc.  A complete definition of hazardous waste is contained in:

  • European Waste Catalogue and Hazardous Waste List   www.epa.ie 
  • Waste Management Acts 1996 and 2001

Purchase of a C1 Form

If the waste originates within the functional area of Leitrim County Council, a C1 form can be purchased from the Environment Section, Leitrim County Council, Áras an Chontae, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

  • The cost of a C1 Form is €15.00


Movement of Waste Abroad

The new EU regulations on waste shipments, called Transfrontier Shipments (TFS), come into effect on 12 July 2007 and will  deal principally with the shipment of waste, hazardous and non-hazardous, outside of Ireland and lay down notification rules to protect the environment when such waste is moved to other countries.  They expand and tighten up existing  waste regulations.

The National TFS Office was established to implement and enforce Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 on transfrontier shipments of waste. This regulation included:

  • New notification procedures.
  • Revised waste listings.
  • Better enforcement of waste movements within, into and out of the EU.

Dublin City Council is the National Competent Authority for TransFrontier shipments in Ireland.

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union