Local Communities Combatting Litter

Tidy Towns Committees, as well as other community groups, throughout Leitrim carry out excellent work on an on-going basis to improve the appearance of towns and villages.

The National Spring Clean, which is carried out in April of each year, affords local authorities and communities the opportunity to work together to clean up litter black spots.

During this period Leitrim County Council provides cleaning equipment, for example litter picker, gloves, refuse bags etc, for community groups that are willing to clean up public places and also covers the costs of disposing of the collected rubbish.

Adopt A Road/Adopt A Bring Bank Programmes

Over 80 community groups are committed to tackling litter participate in Leitrim County Council’s Adopt a Road / Adopt a Bring Bank Programmes.

Groups who litter pick along a designated stretch of road are supported by the council who provide materials and a litter collection service. A similar scheme is available for Recycling Bring Banks where litter problems can also arise. Over half of the county’s 39 bring banks have been ‘adopted’ under this scheme.

Since its launch in 2006, the programme has gone from strength to strength with initially businesses (hotel, retail and service sectors) getting involved and allowing staff to participate during working hours. However since 2007 the majority of participants are voluntary groups such as development associations and Tidy Towns.

Leitrim County Council’s Litter Management Plan 2016-2019 highlights how the Council and the Voluntary Sector work together on litter. This programme is an example of good partnership between the local authority and the community. The programme rewards local responsibility for tackling litter. The groups act as a visible presence to deter littering in their locality. They are the eyes and ears of the community and work directly with the local authority to respond to particular instances of littering and dumping.

Leitrim County Council staff also participate in the programme to demonstrate their commitment to this worthwhile partnership programme.


Leitrim County Council’s Litter Management Plan 2020-2023 highlights how the council and the voluntary sector work together on litter.

The Plan can be viewed by clicking on Litter Management Plan

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