Air Quality

Air Pollution

Air pollution can have a detrimental effect on the health of people, particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, infants and people with respiratory illness.Section 4 of the Air Pollution Act, 1987 defines Air Pollution as follows “a condition of the atmosphere in which a pollutant is present in such a quantity as to be liable to— (i) be injurious to public health, or
(ii) have a deleterious effect on flora or fauna or damage property, or
(iii) impair or interfere with amenities or with the environment.”
Local Authorities have various powers under this Act including the issuing of notices under Sections 26 & 27 requiring measures to be taken to prevent or limit air pollution.

Leitrim County Council is responsible for dealing with issues of air pollution and odour nuisance within the county, which may include any of the following:

-Illlegal burning of waste

-Odour nuisance

-Emissions from industry

-Emissions from commercial activities (i.e. deco paint regulations and solvent regulations)

-Marketing, sale, distribution and burning of specified fuels (i.e. solid fuel regulations)

If you wish to make a complaint about air pollution or odour nuisance, we advise you to keep a detailed log of the nuisance that you are experiencing and include the date, time, location and weather conditions (including wind direction).

Further information on making an Environmental Complaint is available on How To Make An Environmental Complaint


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