Goal For Peace

The Goal for Peace programme is an activity based project where children, schools and clubs work together and have the shared goal of integrating the Catholic and Protestant community in Leitrim through the medium of soccer. With nearly 120 children taking part, this project provides a unique opportunity for integration and relationship building long into the future.

The project started in October 2010 and will run over two years with the focus in the first year on building relationships between Catholic and Protestants in Leitrim through schools and clubs. In year two the project will focus on developing cross border links with schools and clubs in Northern Ireland.

Leitrim County Development Board, Leitrim County Council and the International Fund for Ireland have formed a partnership to promote community development, social inclusion and club development through soccer by running this project.

There are eight schools involved:

  • Hunt N.S and Gortlettragh N.S – Mohill.
  • Mastersons N.S (Manorhamilton) and Kiltyclogher N.S
  • Newtowngore N.S and Drumnamore N.S – Ballinamore.
  • St Mary’s N.S and Marist G.N.S – Carrick on Shannon.


  • The aim of this project is to give the opportunity to specifically provide an opportunity for children and adults from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds to work together by learning sport skills, peace building games, ways of opening up clubs to be attractive to both religions and learning team building skills together.
  • Promote mutual understanding
  • Enhance soccer skills and technical knowledge.


  • Building relations between Catholic and Protestant schools and clubs
  • Providing children in 8 schools in Leitrim with the opportunity to learn about cultural and religious diversity in a fun and informative way.
  • Opportunity for children from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds to work together with local clubs to become involved in sport in their locality.
  • Provide schools and clubs in Leitrim with the opportunity to network and learn from schools and clubs in Northern Ireland and to develop other potential events/projects together.
  • Increase awareness in local media of the possibilities offered by sport in building relationships between different communities.
  • Ireland Structural and Investment Funds
  • EU European Regional Development Fund