Update from Irish Water re South Leitrim Water Supply

8th March 2018 Update 3pm - Irish Water working in partnership with Leitrim County Council is advising customers supplied by the South Leitrim Water Supply that there will be restrictions on their water supply tonight from 11pm to 7am.

Reservoirs recovered well over night and the numbers of people without water today have dropped significantly. However, there are customers in high areas that may still be without water while the system recharges. An alternative water supply has been made available at Keshcarrigan Quarry for customers affected in the Drumbranned and Glenboy area. Leitrim County Council is working to identify customers affected on higher ground and will prioritise them for alternative supplies. 

Irish Water makes every effort to ensure that the alternative drinking water supply provided, including the tanker/bowser, and dispensing tap, are adequately disinfected. However, as it is not practical to provide sterilised containers for the public to transport drinking water from the tanker to their homes and we cannot guarantee that any containers used by the public do not negatively impact or contaminate the drinking water. Therefore people are advised to boil this water before use.

Irish Water is appealing to those customers who do have a supply to conserve water in every way possible.

Leak detection and repair crews are working continuously to find and fix leaks in the county as they arise and Irish Water would like to thank sincerely Leitrim County Council for their immense efforts during this very difficult time.

Irish Water will continue to monitor water demand across the county over the coming days and decisions will be taken daily as to whether night time restrictions need to be implemented and where alternative water supplies will be located if necessary.

Customers are being asked to conserve water by turning off taps, both inside and outside, limiting usage of washing machines and dishwashers where possible and take showers instead of baths, to avoid reservoirs emptying and water pressure to homes and businesses being affected. Customers are also being asked to report any leaks they see on the public side to our customer care helpline on 1850 278 278.

Irish Water is appealing to any customers with external taps to ensure that these are securely turned off as we try to protect the levels of our reservoirs and secure drinking water for local communities. A continuous flow from an external tap over a 24 hour period could use the equivalent of the daily water usage of 40 households.

Information on dealing with frozen pipes is available on www.water.ie and water supply updates are available at www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/

Irish Water and Leitrim County Council would like to thank customers in advance for their co-operation in conserving water at this critical time. Irish Water would also like to thank the local authority staff for their efforts in keeping water supplies running in very difficult conditions.

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