Supports for Individual Artists

The principal means by which Leitrim County Council supports the professional development of artists is through Creative Frame (, which provides a year-round programme of training events and networking activities. Leitrim County Council operates the following programmes for emerging or established professional artists from any arts discipline ordinarily living or basing their practice in County Leitrim.

-Artists Colllaboration Programme
-Artists Mentorship Programme
-International Arts Programme
-Indiviudal Artist Bursary Programme
-John McGahern Award
-Platform 31

Full details, application forms and closing dates for current programmes are provided below.


Individual Artist Bursary Programme 2021

Closing Date - Friday 19th November 2021

Online applications are now open for the 2021 Individual Artists Bursary Programme. The individual artist bursary programme is designed to support the development of Leitrim based professional artists from any arts discipline through any means that will demonstratively contribute to an artist’s development such as -

-New Work - Costs relating to the development or production of new work for exhibition, publication or presentation.
-Professional Development - Costs relating to improving your knowledge. Research, residencies or short-term courses including on-line courses; participation in conventional part-time or full-time education where other sources of public funding are unavailable. The extent to which these activities are relevant to on-going and planned work, the quality of that work and its importance to future audiences, is crucial and should be clear from your application.

Applications for mentoring and support towards research for performing or exhibiting abroad are not supported under this programme as there are specific separate funding strands for these purposes. Eligible applicants may apply to multiple strands in the same year.

Requirements and notes:

-The programme is open to professional artists* ordinarily basing their practice in County Leitrim.**
-The activity for which the artist wishes to apply must be completed before 31 December 2022.
-Where support from Leitrim County Council was provided in 2020 or 2021, a one-page report providing details of that application and its subsequent outcomes including any publications, press and publicity must accompany the application.
-Completed application forms must be accompanied by artists CV or biography, images/recordings etc. of current or previous work, and a comprehensive budget.
-Information submitted by post will only be returned if a stamped addressed envelope is submitted along with the application. If an SAE is not supplied, it is assumed that return of the materials is not required.
-All applicants must be members of the Creative Frame network. (see

Applications are assessed using the following criteria –

-Likely impact of artist’s practice on audiences in Leitrim and elsewhere.
-Track record of applicant (or potential for an emerging artist).
-Proven commitment to high quality arts practice, particularly as evidenced in this activity.
-Likely benefit of activity to artist’s practice.***
  ***In the case of courses, services etc. likely benefit is determined by the quality and excellence of those activities, companies or services. In the case of third parties such as theatre companies or orchestras etc. producing the applicant’s work; the quality and excellence of those companies and the extent and scale of its presentation is a determinant of likely benefit.

The value of the awards rises to a maximum of €2,500.  While there is no fixed number of awards, there is generally a larger number of lesser value bursaries and a small number of maximum value ones. The quantity and value of bursaries will depend on available resources, number of applicants and the quality of applications. Applicants should be aware that based on previous experience demand always exceeds available resources and it is not possible to support all applications that achieve the minimum standard.



The closing date for receipt of completed applications is midnight Friday 19th November 2021.

For further information contact -;   071 96 21694.

*A professional artist can be defined as someone for whom their artform is their whole-time occupation or who holds a third level qualification in their field of practice or has been paid and advertised as a solo or leading performer/exhibitor in a state funded institution or has been published or produced by a recognised publisher or theatre/film company or venue or is recognised as a professional by his/her peers and received recognition in the form of commendations, rewards, awards, grants, appointments to panels, etc.
**Having primary residence in Leitrim or maintaining a full-time dedicated studio space in Leitrim for minimum six months prior to application orhaving current lease/residency agreement for a studio in Leitrim of minimum 6 months duration. (Dedicated Studio Space includes studios at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, The Dock, Drumshanbo Library Studios etc. or rented space where utilities are in the applicant’s name.)


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