Outdoor Rural Infrastructure Scheme 2018

1. Introduction
The Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme is part of the Government's Action Plan for Rural Development and provides funding for the development of new outdoor recreational infrastructure or the necessary maintenance, enhancement or promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure in Ireland. The scheme seeks to support those sporting and recreational pursuits based on use of the resources of the countryside that contribute to healthy active lifestyles and the economic and tourism potential of the area for both local communities and tourist visitors alike.

2. 2018 Scheme
The Scheme makes a call for projects of differing sizes to be put forward by interested parties and partnerships, with small and smaller to medium sized projects to be completed in 2018 and scope for the effective implementation of larger, strategic projects up to the end of October 2019. Projects supported under the scheme in 2018 should be in line with the Local Economic and Community Plan for the county.

Measure 2: Medium Scale Repair/Upgrade and New Trail/Amenity Development
Grant Amounts: Grant amounts of between €20,000 and up to €200,000 (€4 million available).
Eligible Activity: These projects could include the development of new trails/walkways/cycleways/blueways, or other recreational facilities, or extensions to already established trails/walkways/cycleways/blueways. Projects can also include works for the enhancement, maintenance or promotion of such infrastructure.
Eligible Applicants: Local Authorities individually, or working collaboratively with Local Development Companies, other Local Authorities and/or other local stakeholders.
Maximum Number of Projects: A maximum of 4 proposals may be submitted by each Local Authority. The number of projects approved for funding will be limited by the overall funding available.
Expected Project Completion Date: All projects must be completed by 31st October 2019.

Measure 3: Large Scale Repair/Upgrade and New Strategic Trail Development
Grant amounts: Grant amounts of over €200,000 and up to €500,000 (€4 million available).
Eligible Activity: These projects could include the development of new larger-scale recreational infrastructure, or resources to complete larger scale/longer term developments, as well as significant repair and maintenance on already established trails/walkways/cycleways/blueways.
Eligible Applicants: State Agencies acting either individually or collaboratively and/or Local Authorities acting either individually or collaboratively. Projects involving State Agencies and Local Authorities working in partnership will also be accepted.
Max Number of Projects: Applicants under this measure will be confined to one application in this category.
Expected Project Completion Date: Proposed projects are expected to be completed by the end of October 2019.

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