Notice to Householders - New Pay by Weight Waste Collection Service

What is Pay by Weight

Pay by weight is a system whereby householders pay per kilogram for the amount of waste they produce, the less they produce the less they pay.

Pay by Weight Service for County Leitrim from 1st December 2014 – What do you need to do now in order to meet the 1st December deadline?

1.       Are you registered with a waste collector for the provision of a waste service?

If so, you should have an account number, however you must still ensure your bins are chipped and scanned to match your account number so that the bins can be weighed and the relevant weights applied to your account.  The waste collectors are in the process of chipping and scanning bins so please cooperate with them in this regard.

2.      If you do not have an account number or are not registered ring your waste collector to verify/get your account number

3.      Once you opt for the new system, your waste collector will chip your bins and match them to your account number so that the bins will be lifted by the pay by weight system from 1st December 2014

4.      The kilograms of waste collected in your bin will be attached to your account number and the relevant charge per kilogram will be applied.

5.      Make sure you have a black bin, a blue bin and a brown bin so as to reduce waste costs as the blue and brown bin will be much cheaper than the black bin.

CALL YOUR WASTE COLLECTOR TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR CONTACT THE ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT OF LEITRIM COUNTY COUNCIL @ 1890 205 205 has produced a short two minute cartoon on how to use the brown bin in Ireland.  Go to to watch it or simply click on the following link

If organisations want to add the cartoon to their websites, they are more than welcome to do so.

The cartoon was funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in partnership with Cré.


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