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Local Live Performance Programming Scheme Round 3

Call for Applications

In March 2021, the Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media announced a suite of measures to support the commercial live performance sector throughout the summer of 2021, which included the Local Live Performance Programming Scheme operated by Local Authorities. A second round of the scheme supported artists to undertake live events in November and December 2021.

The minister recently announced a third strand of the LLPPS to further support artists, performers and crew, and to help underpin the recovery of the live performance sector through the provision of live performances to the end of June 2022.

What is it for?

As well as the primary purpose of supporting artists and others who work in the live performance sector, the programme is a valuable opportunity for festivals, venues and event organisers who haven’t been active throughout the last two years to access support and guidance to return to programming events, and for audiences to return to attending live performances in Leitrim.

The programme should endeavour to include local professional artists and may incorporate multiple genres. In this context ‘local’ is taken to mean those from or living in County Leitrim (or a reasonable distance thereof). It is acknowledged however that for artistic or curatorial reasons it may be necessary to also include artists from elsewhere, and that a band or a theatre cast may have some members from Leitrim and others from elsewhere. It may also be the case that essential technical or production services cannot be sourced locally.

Who can apply?

Leitrim based festivals, venues, event producers, promoters, arts organisations as well as theatre companies, professional bands or other groups of professional musicians, or any entity that we can work with to facilitate the development of live performances in Leitrim from now to the end of June 2022. Applications from individuals will only be considered where the application is in partnership with a venue, festival or organisation, and the application in the name of the venue/festival/organisation.

Where an event is proposed for an ad-hoc venue or public space, applicants should provide a preliminary event management plan must be provided (download template).

Where an event is in an arts venue with professional staff, a preliminary venue agreement must be provided (download template).

What can I apply for?

All costs incurred in the presentation of work for live performance including but not limited to -

-Personnel Costs including fees for artists, producers, directors, technicians etc.
-Production Costs including staging, sound/lighting hire, transport, sets, costumes etc.
-Marketing and PR
-Venue Hire
-Health & Safety/Security

Payment of Grants

-There is no minimum or maximum award; however, it is anticipated that awards will generally be between €2,000 and €10,000.
-Payment to successful applicants will be made by electronic fund transfer only. Recipients may draw down 70% of funding immediately following selection and confirmation of final programme details, budget and schedule and detailed Venue Agreement or Event Management Plan.
-The remaining 30% may be drawn down following the public presentation of the project, and submission of a short report along with documentation (photographs, video, press reviews etc.), and final accounts.
-Recipients of grant aid must acknowledge the support of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and Leitrim County Council.

Proposals are assessed on:

-the quality and ambition of the activities
-the capacity of the applicants to manage those events
-the extent to which the events achieve the aims of supporting local professional artists
-the extent to which the events provide valuable opportunities for audiences to experience innovative high quality live performance.

How do I apply?

The closing date for receipt of applications is Midnight on Sunday 20th March 2022. Applications may be made online only. Once you have downloaded and completed the application form and all mandatory appendices, and gathered any optional appendices you wish to include, you can apply online though the link below.

Please note that the following attachments are essential, and you will need to have them ready to upload for your online application to be submitted successfully.

-Completed Application Form
-Income and Expenditure Budget
-Preliminary Event Managment Plan or Preliminary Venue Agreement
-Copy of Child Protection Policy (if project involves working with children)

Optional Appendices include

-CVs or biographies of artists involved
-Further press or marketing material relating to artists
-Press or marketing material relting to previous events
-any other relvent information


Applications Closed

For further information please contact project manager Siobhán O’Malley at leitrimliveperformance@gmail.com.

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