Leitrim Joint Policing Committee

A meeting of Leitrim’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) was held on Monday 5th October, 2015. The purpose of the JPC is to provide a forum where a local authority and the senior Garda Officers responsible for the policing of that area, with the participation of Oireachtas Members and community interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the area.

Membership of the Leitrim Joint Policing Committee consists of 13 Elected Members, 5 Oireachtas Members, two local authority officials – Mr. Frank Curran, Chief Executive and Ms. Mary Quinn, Director of Service, two Garda Officials – Superintendent Kevin English and Chief Superintendent Michael Clancy and 6 Community Representatives – Ms. Janice Raine-Conick, Mr. Neville Patterson, Ms. Hayley Fox Roberts, Ms. Fiona Taylor, Ms. Kathleen Flanagan and Ms. Sheila Mollaghan.

The Joint Policing Committee is  guided by a set of Guidelines issued jointly by the Department of Justice Equality & Law Reform and the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government. 

Each Joint Policing Committee is required to develop Strategic Work Plans which must be linked with other appropriate plans and strategies.  In this regard, the JPC must put in place a 6-year Strategic Plan linked to the relevant objectives in the Local Economic and Community (LECP) Plan of the local authority.  The JPC is also  required to develop an Annual Work Plan which as well as linking to the LECP Plan, must include relevant objectives from the Garda Annual Policing Plan applying to the local authority area.

At it’s meeting on Monday the Members were given a presentation by Sergeant Patrick Conway of the Garda National Joint Policing Committees Monitoring Office and a detailed over-view of policing issues in Leitrim was provided by Superintendent Kevin English and Chief Superintendent Michael Clancy. Work will now commence on the preparation of the Annual Work Plan and the 6-Year Strategic Plan for Leitrim’s JPC and further updates on the role and operation of the JPC will be provided at a later date.

meeting of joint policing committee

Sinead Flynn,

Media Liaison Officer,

Leitrim County Council.

6th October, 2015.

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