Household Waste Bye-Laws 2013 - Waste Collection

Arising from decision of meeting of Leitrim County Council on 13th January 2014 it has been agreed to defer the full implementation of the Pay-by-Weight Waste Collection System until 1st August 2014 and to   operate a ‘Dual System’ of refuse collection in County Leitrim in the intervening period. This means that householders will have the option of using either the new Pay-by-Weight system or the existing Tag system operated by their permitted Waste Collector until 31st July 2014, with all households required to operate on the Pay-by-Weight system as and from 1st August 2014.

This lead-in time will allow permitted Waste Collectors to communicate fully with their existing and prospective customers in relation to the new system and provides householders with an opportunity to inform and prepare themselves in this regard and to make the necessary arrangements for transfer to the new system.

Pay by Weight onlywilloperate in County Leitrim as and from 1st August 2014. It should be noted however that Plastic Bags (Black/Blue) will not be acceptable for presentation of waste for collection as from 1st February 2014 and customers should contact their Waste Collector directly for refund of stocks of plastic bags in hand. Householders must also obtain and use a brown bin/caddy for their collection as and from 1st February 2014.

It should also be noted that, as and from 7th November 2013, all householders in County Leitrim are required to register with a permitted Waste Collector of choice. If you have not already registered you are advised that you should do so now.


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