Draft Incentivised Scheme for Business Start-ups in Town Centres

Leitrim County Council Draft Incentivised Scheme for Business Start-ups in Town Centres

Grant to Cover:

·         Grant to cover any of the following –

o   fit out costs subject to any change of use being authorised in regard to Planning Acts,

o   shop front improvement and/or signage  subject to design being authorised by the Planning Authority,

o   improvement to energy performance of premises based on part L of Building Control Act,

o   improvement to accessibility based on Part M of Building Control Act

Grant Amount: The lesser of eligible expenditure incurred through the works or as follows

o   Year 1 – 75% of the annual rates paid in year 1 of trading.

o   Year 2 –50% of the annual rates paid in year 2 of trading.

o   Year 3 - 25% of the annual rates paid in year 3 of trading.

There must be no charges or rates due on building at time of each annual application for grant aid.

Factors to be considered:

o   The number and proximity of similar outlets already operating in the area.

o   The scale of the proposed outlet involved

o   The physical impact of the proposed use on the internal structure of the building in which it will be located

o   The quality of the shop front and associated signage.

o   Must be vacant for at least 6 months on date of application being submitted.

o   Rates must be paid in full and on-time.

Types of Businesses: (non exhaustive lists)

·         Strong presumption in favour of grant-aid for higher order comparison retail outlets including fashion outlets – both multiple and independent stores, “lifestyle stores”, flagship stores, niche and specialist retailers such as beauty products, homeware, and book stores as well as newsagents / convenience store or supermarkets and subject to authorised use in accordance with the Planning Acts.

·         Strong presumption against grant-aid for retail outlets such as Amusement Arcade, Bookmakers / Betting shop, Discount Shop / End of lines / Closing down/Euro Store, Outlet selling hot food for consumption off the premises etc.

Areas to be Covered by Scheme:

·         Mapped commercial town centre areas in Tier 1, 2 and 2b towns as prescribed in the County Retail Strategy 2015 – 2021 and on a case by case basis for Tier 3 Local retail Centres and Tier 4 Retail Villages and Shops. (Detailed in Appendices)

Displacement and Deadweight:

Shall not result in the displacement of a business from one property to another and/or from the same property however should a proposed business or retail use type be able to adequately demonstrate that they require a larger premises that will have a positive economic impact, consideration will be given to the inclusion of such a proposal under the terms of this scheme. The Council must always give consideration to any potential for deadweight (possibility that project may have gone ahead anyway) arising from a proposed development.

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