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Fairtrade Fortnight continues until Sunday, 13th March. During this time, towns around Ireland host visiting producers from Fairtrade Co-Ops who speak firsthand at how the Fairtrade movement has had profound impact on their lives. Through buying Fairtrade Products, you are contributing to a Social Justice arcoss the world, where farmers get a fair price for their produce.

Carrick on Shannon has been a Fairtrade town since 2011 and each year the variety of products available locally increases. On Thursday, 3rd March,

Carrick on Shannon hosted Maria Genao from the Dominican Republic who represents the Banelino Co-operative.

When you shop this weekend, you are encouraged to make an extra special effort to purchase products with the Fairtrade Logo

Pictured below are members of the Carrick on Shannon Fairtrade Committee together with Local Representatives and visitors from Fairtrade Ireland planting a tree in The Peoples Park, Carrick on Shannon to mark the 20th Anniversary of Fairtrade in Ireland

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