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Key messages

People catch COVID-19 from other people. Keep the number of people you meet as small as you can and keep a safe distance even from the people you need to meet. These are by far the most important things you can do to protect yourself and to protect other people from spread of COVID-19.

All the other things we talk about are helpful when you have to meet people and when you have to be close to people but they do not make up for the risk of meeting extra people or being close to people. Stay home if you have symptoms of any viral infection.

Self-isolation means staying indoors and staying in a separate room to avoid contact with other people in the house as much as is practical. It applies to people with proven or suspected COVID-19.

Restricting movement means avoiding contact with other people outside your household as much as possible. It applies to those who are without symptoms but considered at higher risk of developing COVID-19 because they were exposed to a particular risk.

Level 5 Restrictions

Ireland moved to Level 5 Restrictions This means that many retail services close and you should have no visitors to your household (with limited exceptions). Outdoor gatherings are limited to meeting with one other household. If you live alone, you can form a support bubble with another household.

No organised indoor or outdoor gatherings should take place. Certain retail outlets are allowed to remain open, such as hardware shops. Schools are remaining open. Religious services are available online. Restaurants and pubs are allowed to provide a takeaway service.

You must stay within 5km of your home (again, there are some exceptions such as travelling for work if it’s an essential service or attending medical appointments).

Visits to nursing homes are suspended, with the exception of visits required for critical and compassionate circumstances. People aged over 70 and the medically vulnerable are advised to continue to exercise personal judgement, stay at home as much as possible, keep 2 metres distance from others when outdoors, and wear a face covering if shopping.

What Does it Mean to Self Isolate?

Dr Tony Holohon, Chief Medical Officer, explains how to self isolate if you have been diagnosed with Covid19 in this helpful video from the Department of Health.

1. Avoid contact with other people

2. Stay apart from other people in your household

3. Clean your room every day with disinfectant

4. Do not go to work, school, or religious services or public areas

5. Do not have visitors to your home

6. Avoid contact with other people

7. Stay apart from other people in your household

8. Clean your room every day with disinfectant

9. Do not go to work, school, or religious services or public areas

10. Do not have visitors to your home.

Video and other resources for Covid and Flu in a range of languages

National Immunisation Office’s Flu Vaccination Videos
Roma Community - HSE The Flu Vaccine V3 Roma
Need information and advice on COVID-19? Go to

Click on this link to access Roma specific health resources: Roma COVID 19 sharing resources
Click on this link to access Migrant health resources Migrant Health COVID 19 sharing resources
For the most up to date information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) please go to

HSE Communications worked with the World Covid Service to create a video covering flu vaccine for at risk groups and children aged 2-12.  Links to the videos are below in 8 languages - Urdu - Russian Romanian Portuguese - Polish - Mandarin - French - Arabic

Also translated at risk, pregnancy, healthcare worker and child aged 2-12 leaflets into Irish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Lithuanian and they’re available to download from

Advice for Cases and Contacts of COVID-19;

COVID-19 Patient Information self-isolation sheet and

Advice for people who share a home with someone who has COVID-19.

Available here:

They are currently being translated to Hungarian, Pashto, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian, Lithuanian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Latvian. Some have already been uploaded here:

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