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Call for Artists who want to work with communities on-line

In the context of our communities and citizens minimising physical engagement Leitrim County Council is looking for artists that are interested in using on-line technology to provide opportunities for communities to engage with each other and enhance their creativity at this time.

Such activities could be hosted on platforms such as Facebook Live, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom etc. On-line engagement could be augmented by prerecorded videos, written material or other pre-prepared resources. If projects do have outcomes, they could be shared within the group or made public in on-line formats. Projects could be one off workshops or series of workshops over a number of days or weeks.

While there is any amount of excellent national and international on-line resources available across the creative sector, we are interested in developing be-spoke projects, programmes and activities that are directed to particular communities or cohorts in Leitrim that keep these communities connected. As such, as well as the artistic quality of the process, quality of engagement is key – engagement between the artist and the group and engagement between the group members themselves.

The group may be one which you already have a relationship with. It may be your own immediate community. It could be a youth group, parent and toddler group, mens shed, hens shed, fishing club, book club, housing estates residents group, a whole village, people who live on bogs or near a particular river - communities who up until recently physically engaged with each other on a near daily basis. While every community is currently feeling the impact of isolation, we particularly welcome projects that build on existing relationships with hard-to-reach communities and groups with additional needs.

If you have substantial experience in developing high quality arts projects, are comfortable in the use on-line technology and are interested and experienced in working collaboratively with groups of people, please fill out the expression of interest form and get in touch with the Arts Office. If your proposal meets the quality and feasibility criteria of the programme and we can make it happen, then subject to available resources, we will support you to develop and implement the project.

If you already have a relationship with a particular group, perhaps from a previous project, then creating that engagement is relatively straightforward. If you wish to develop a project with your own neighbours or community, you will be the key to bringing that group together on-line and creating that engagement. If however, you have an idea for an exciting project for a particular cohort, or you wish to develop a project with a community of place or interest that you don’t have a current relationship with, we may be able to assist in making those connections.

Please note that artists proposing projects that involve children and young people must be Garda vetted and must, at a minimum, have completed Tusla’s on-line Children First E-Learning Programme.

Expressions of interest are being accepted from now up until Friday 10th April. While the programme is designed for the current circumstances, some activities may extend beyond that point and may be maintained and continued thereafter.

For further information, contact Philip Delamere on 071 96 21694, email



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