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Leitrim Creative Sector Internship Programme

As part of Leitrim County Council’s Creative Ireland programme to support the creative economy, Leitrim County Council is offering Leitrim based Arts & Culture Organisations to opportunity to employ an intern for 2 days per week for 20 weeks at a rate of €100.00 per day.

The programme is designed to provide an early career creative sector practitioner with the opportunity to gain valuable experience at an important time in their development.

To take part in the scheme, an organisation must have the capacity to provide a valuable learning environment in the creative sector for the intern.

1. As such all participating organisations must:

-Be an organisation that provides a full-time service in the Creative Sector.
-Already employ skilled professional staff.
-Be able to nominate a member of that staff as intern mentor whose role it is to impart specific identified skills and knowledge to the intern and act as liaison for the intern both within the organisation and between the organisation and Leitrim County Council.
-Have the administrative capacity to employ the intern and manage all legal requirements with respect to their employment.

2. All interns must:

-Aspire to a professional career in the Culture & Creativity Sector.
-Have a proven commitment, relevant qualification or a sufficient level of knowledge, experience or accomplishments in the sector for optimum benefit to accrue from the opportunity.
-Be able to commit to the full duration of the programme.
-Be originally from, or currently living in Co. Leitrim (or a reasonable distance thereof).
-Be currently in receipt of a payment from the Department of Social Protection.
 Be in other part-time employment while still fulfilling all other requirements above.

To apply, organisations should apply online below outlining the following:

-the nature of the organisation and capacity to mange the intern's employment
-the anticipated role or projects that the intern would be expected to work on.
-the qualifications, interests and experience expected of the intern.
-the role, skills and experience of the organisation’s nominated intern mentor.

If successful, selected organisations will be provided with a grant of €5,000.00, which provides for the total payment to the intern of €4,000.00 and an additional €1,000.00 towards any costs to the employer such as PRSI, PPE, training and additional administration arising from the role.

Recruiting the intern

The organisation should recruit the intern in much the same manner as for any other employee. The greater the clarity and detail of the information advertised, the greater the likelihood of the suitability of the applicant. Target advertising to specific places that have access to likely candidates such as relevant departments of third level colleges and other cultural organisations in the region. Conduct interviews as you would for any other position. As well as being an opportunity for an organisation to find the best applicant; interviews are also an opportunity for the applicant to ensure that the organisation is a right match for them.

Considerations to get the best out of the internship:

-It takes effort on behalf of an organisation to ensure the success of an internship. Get to know your intern’s strengths and what they hope to learn and gain from the opportunity, and make sure the internship is organised so everyone benefits.
-Ensure that it adds value to your organisation. Recruit an intern because you believe they can add value and bring new ideas to your organisation.
-Don’t give interns only menial tasks. Most interns will generally want an internship to be a bridge to a new career or an opportunity to gain valuable experience.
-Embrace different skillsets. An intern in your organisation doesn’t have to be an aspiring expert working in their specialist field. For example, an arts centre could gain value from hiring a musician to work in marketing, providing insights into marketing to that specific audience whilst the intern gains new skills benefiting their own career as a musician.
-Put time into the recruitment process. Define the role and the opportunity, conduct interviews, to ensure you select the right candidate.
-Provide induction. Walk your intern through their role, and ensure there is always someone on hand to offer help if needs be. The better the induction and support, the greater the likelihood of getting better outcomes.
-All interns in Ireland have basic employment rights, including the right to a safe working environment, data protection rights, protection against discrimination, break allowances and holidays. For this scheme, interns are entitled to public holiday leave, as well as a minimum annual leave, which works out at 1.5 days over the course of this internship.

Completed forms must submitted online before midnight Friday 25th March. For further information contact Leslie Ryan at

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For further information on all Creative Ireland programmes contact Alice Dixon on or contact Leitrim Arts Office on 071 96 21694.


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