Glencar playground pic

Leitrim County Council maintains 19 equipped playgrounds.  This is one of the highest numbers, per head of population, in the country.  The playgrounds are for children of up to 12 years of age and are open all day every day of the year.  The most recent additions are those in Drumsna and Glencar. 

Glencar Playground (pictured above) was listed among "50 of the best playgrounds in Ireland" in the Irish Times on Saturday 20th May 2017:

"Good for: Spectacular scenery.
If you want to add poetry to your playground pilgrimage, make your way to Glencar in Leitrim (not Sligo as often believed). The playground is in the scenic glaciated valley where the enchanting Glencar Waterfall can be found. The waterfall was mentioned by WB Yeats in The Stolen Child, and a wooded walk towards it allows for magical storytelling on the way. For the older children and adults, who may not see the joy of a simple but modern playground, the glaciated valley serves as the perfect backdrop for a geography lesson. The Teashed, located right beside the playground, beats most playground snack areas with its range of fresh food, desserts and locally produced arts and crafts." Irish Times, 20/5/17

The playground map is below: