Small Sparks - Call for Businesses

Small Sparks

Would you like your business to be involved in an exciting 3-week creative project?

Small Sparks is new project, developed under Leitrim's Creative Ireland programme for businesses of any size to work with an artist for three weeks. There are no preconditions on what the project might entail and there is no obligation to have produced anything by the end of the project - though a materials budget is available for these purposes if required.  The programme is a further development of Spark, which is a 6-month artist-in-residence programme developed in 2012 by Leitrim County Council’s Arts Office and Local Enterprise Office for companies that are interested in collaborating with artists and promoting creativity within their organisation. Spark provides an artist with the opportunity to work with the company and to undertake work inspired by the company. Quite naturally, this will be clearly influenced by the adopted environment, thus providing a greater interest and involvement in the work from staff and clients/customers. As well as making work, what the artist does may point to new different creative and innovative paths for the company, and serve as a catalyst for new thinking.

Small Sparks provides companies from Leitrim of any size or description that have never collaborated with artists the opportunity to dip their toe in the water and to see what can be gained from working with artists.

What businesses have said about SPARK...

'Our Company was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the Spark Program. It was an uplifting, fun and mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved.' -Joseph Dolan, The Bush Hotel.

'The SPARK programme provided creative inspiration for staff, students and customers' -John Mannion, Mohill Enterprise Centre & Mohill Computer Training

'The Involvement of the Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities in the Spark project gave us new energy and challenged us to look at what we do for members. It also reflected back to us the positive benefits we bring to members and the wider community.' -Rosaleen Kielty, Leitrim Association of People With Disabilities


If you manage a business in Leitrim and would like to get involved in Small Sparks, please contact the arts office before Friday 9th August to let us know you're interested in the programme. For further information contact Christine Kelly at Leitrim County Council Arts Office on 071 96 21694 or email

Small Sparks is funded by Creative Ireland, a five year all-of-Government initiative to place creativity at the centre of public policy guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realize their full creative potential.




  • Ireland Structural and Investment Funds
  • EU European Regional Development Fund