Artist in Schools Scheme

Please note that the Artist in School Sheme is not operating in 2022.


The Artist in Schools scheme provides the opportunity for a collaborative project between a school and a highly trained artist with a specialism in working with children and young people. The ideas, commitment and skills of the artist, teacher and children are all essential to make the project an enriching, meaningful and lasting experience for everyone involved. As such, before making an application, the school and in particular the teacher who will work on the project must ensure that they are in a position to commit to the planning required and to engage fully in the partnership.

Application Process

-Any primary school can apply to take part in the scheme by completing the Application Form and returning it by email to (or sending it by post to Leitrim County Council Arts Office, Aras an Chontae, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim) before Friday 26th March 2021.
-A project may be in any arts discipline (visual arts, film, dance, literature, drama, music etc.) or an interdisciplinary project involving a number of artforms.
-Schools will be selected on the basis of being able to identify a teacher and a class (or classes) that can commit to the project and a school that can allocate the time, space and materials required for a project to be successful. From those that satisfy the criteria, schools will be selected with preference given to ensure a geographic spread throughout the county and to include schools who may not have had the opportunity previously, or for some time.
-Artists with significant experience of leading high-quality, innovative arts projects with children and young people are selected by the Arts Office through a separate interview process.


-The schools and artists selected are then paired based on the artist’s practice and interests and the interests and previous experience of the school.

Project Planning

-All planning between the school and the artist will only commence once it has been confirmed that the school’s application has been successful.
-The teacher who will work with the artist must be available to attend a ½ day planning meeting over zoom to which all participating artists and teachers must attend. This meeting will provide further information on the scheme and will allow all artists and teachers to discuss projects they have worked on previously and aspirations they have for this project now. Failure to attend this meeting will result in the school’s application being withdrawn.
-Further project development sessions will be undertaken by each project seperatly to further develop ideas based on the contributions of the children, artist and teacher. It is best practice that the children are involved in these planning sessions at the earliest opportunity and to the greatest extent possible. It is often the case that the children and teacher have discussed ideas in advance of making the application.
-Insofar as possible the project should be carried out between September and December. Depending on the classes involved, planning may commence before the summer break.

Fees and payments

-Leitrim County Council will pay the artist for 10 hrs development time; 35 hours contact time; and 10 hours evaluation and documentation time. 
-Should the residency be designed to last longer than that, the school should negotiate additional payment with the artist. (It should be noted that projects very often take longer to complete than expected.)
-The school must pay for materials and any other costs incurred, including any insurance costs.

Other requirements

-It is a requirement under the programme’s Protection and Welfare of Children Policy that the teacher must be present with the artist for all contact times during the residency, whether in school or over the internet. The artist cannot be viewed as a substitute teacher but rather someone who works with the teacher to develop and implement an arts project with that group. If a teacher cannot be present at a session for whatever reason, and a substitute teacher that is employed by the school is not available, then the workshop must be postponed. In this event any hours incurred by the artist is to be considered part of the project’s contact hours.
-The school/artist must acknowledge the role of Leitrim County Council in any publicity or media articles relating to the residency.
-As part of the programme each artist is required to undertake an evaluation process with the teacher at the outset of the project, review progress at a mid-point and to complete the evaluation with the teacher and children at the end of the project. Documentation of the project (text/image/sound/video) may form part of the evaluation. While this is beneficial to Leitrim County Council to understand how the scheme is operating, its principal purpose is to ensure that artist, teacher and children have a shared understanding on the direction the project is going and are aware of each other’s thoughts, concerns and opinions throughout the project.
-There is no essential requirement to have any exhibition or performance at the end of a project.




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