Art/Craft Studio or Art/Craft/Artisan Food Shop Grant Scheme

Leitrim County Council at the January Council meeting approved a second business incentive scheme aimed specifically at the Arts/Craft and Artisan Food sectors.

This scheme is designed to promote the development of new businesses or expansion of existing businesses within these sectors around the County.

By encouraging the occupation of vacant premises the Council will also support the improvement in appearance and attraction of the commercial properties around the County.

This initiative which forms part of the 2015 – 2021 Leitrim County Council Economic Strategy which sets out a vision for economic development and looks at innovative ways of growing the economic base in the county.

Grant relief for the Art/Craft Studio or Art/Craft/Artisan Food Shops Scheme is as follows:

100% of Commercial Rates paid in years 1 to 3 of trading (ie. 12 month period of trading)

 This grant will be discharged by way of an offset against commercial rates due.

There must be no charges or rates due on the building at time of approval for grant aid and there will be a variety of factors and conditions taking into account in assessing the application.  Leitrim County Council is currently open for applications for the new Arts/Craft and Artisan Foods scheme aswell as for its existing Town Centre Incentive Scheme.  Application form and guidelines are available on

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